Sagar Patel

I have known Osberto since he was working with Interlangua. I am a pharmacist in California, and I wanted to learn some basic medical Spanish. I worked with him for over one year using a book developed by the American Pharmacists Association and a grammar book, and my Spanish improved dramatically. I only had time to do 1-2 hours of lessons a week, but I used Spanish regularly in my work. I am a firm believer that the only way to be able to speak a language well is to actually speak in the language. Though challenging, having a webchat lesson completely in Spanish forces you to learn the language by actually using it and making mistakes. Osberto is very nice about correcting grammar, and the process of learning by doing is where the true retention of language occurs. He is a world class teacher who can help everyone in any field of study. I would highly recommend him to those in the healthcare profession as his knowledge of medical Spanish is very good as he has taught Duke University and other medical school students. I have received many compliments about my Spanish from native speakers, and I really can’t explain how I can speak Spanish so will without having ever visited or lived in a Spanish speaking country without giving the credit to Osberto. I can now confidently consult patients for several minutes about the use of nebulizers, blood glucose meters, and many other topics as well as answer almost all questions from the patients. I have done a medication review with a patient for about 30 minutes completely in Spanish. Anyone who would like further information can contact me at spatel300@gmail.com.


I have been taking online spanish classes with Osberto for several years now. It has been a wonderful experience. The ease of meeting online via skype or google hangout has allowed me to continue my classes even when I am traveling. Osberto and I have used a variety of resources to make learning fun – youtube videos, textbooks, easy reading books, newspaper articles, etc. My husband has also enjoyed taking lessons from Osberto, but prefers not to have homework (unlike me). Osberto has been great at working with our individual preferences. I highly recommend giving Osberto and online lessons a try!

Robert Hubbard

“I have studied wth Osberto for a little over three years and find him to be most patient and interested in helping you to learn Spanish. He has been a world of help in my struggles with the subjuctive mood”

Janice Carpentier

Osberto is certainly helping me to learn Spanish. He is as  competent with complicated grammar as he is with general conversation. I would totally recommend his course to students of all levels. Scheduling lessons are always easy.
J’vis au Québec, Canada oû la plupart des gens parlent français et Anglais. Osberto m’aide à apprendre l’espagnol. Il est tout aussi competent avec la grammaire compliquée que la conversation générale. Je recommenderais son tutorat pour les étudiants de tous les niveaux.
Il est toujours disponible à tout moment que vous choisissez pour une leçon.

Osberto Rafael Asturias is a WONDERFUL teacher.  I have taken a one hour lesson each week with him through Skype for several years.  He is PERFECT for anyone wanting to develop his or her conversation skills at any level.

His beautiful central American Spanish is easy to understand:  he enunciates everything very clearly and adjusts the speed of his conversation to the level of the student.  In fact, he is extremely flexible with all aspects of Spanish study and will adjust each lesson to the needs and desires of each student.

He is always sensitive and patient.  With points of grammar and vocabulary, he will type and send copious examples of correct usage, e.g., sentences, phrases, etc.

He has my very highest recommendation.


Dr. Jeffrey Jacob

Professor Emeritus of Music

Saint Mary’s College

Charlotte Raciboski

My name is Charlotte, I am a 30 year old professional from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and I have had the pleasure of working with Osberto for approximately 4 months.  I found his ad for Spanish conversation tutoring on a local website, and I then checked out his personal website.  I have been extremely pleased with my lessons.  He offers the introductory lesson for free, and then if you chose to continue you simply send the payment for the desired amount of lessons via western union.  I usually paid for 2-4 in advance. The price can’t be beat for the service! I averaged one lesson a week for 2.5 months and 2 lessons a week for another 2.5 months. He was very flexible and willing to accommodate my crazy work schedule.  We worked on general conversation as well material that was important for a long trip I was taking to Central and South America. Osberto does an excellent job of providing realistic conversation material. For example, we would role play as if he worked at a bus station and I had to buy a ticket, or if he worked at the airport and I needed help with my bags, and finding transportation, as well as role played as if he were a person I asked for directions from.  These are all relevant conversations for my future trip as well as important language skills to have.

He does an excellent job of explain pronunciation and tailoring the lesson to each individual student. Most importantly he has patience and understanding when working with beginners as well as perfect articulation when working with advanced students. I started with Osberto with the basics “como esta, Hola, Donde esta un bano, etc.” Now, I can understand and give the time and directions in Spanish, check into a hotel, discuss what is included, find and organize transportation and trips, purchase items, and discuss hours of operation for important establishments such as banks supermarkets and hospitals, as well as discuss details of daily life such as my career and hobbies.

I would highly recommend  Osberto for anybody looking to improve their Spanish speaking and/or comprehension abilities.  You will never learn better than from a native speaker, and Osberto has been nothing but reliable, helpful and honest.



“I’m very Happy with the Osberto Spanish classes. I have a good level of Spanish but I have decided to improve especially grammar and pronunciation for business reasons. Osberto is helping me finding relevant exercises and topics useful for my business. Osberto is doing a great job and I see tangible improvement.

I would highly recommend Osberto if you are looking to improve your Spanish speaking and/or comprehension abilities.  Osberto is very reliable, helpful and honest. He loves is job and this does make the difference”

I live in US (Indianapolis), please contact me at filippofontana@hotmail.it if you need additional details about my experience with Osberto.

Filippo Fontana – August 11th 2016”

I want to write a recommendation for my Spanish teacher, so that he can post it on his Craigslist page.  Can you please translate the following into Spanish?  Though it will be posted in English, I want him to be able to read and approve it before he posts it.
I was looking for online Spanish lessons that fit my schedule and budget, and found Mr. Osberto Asturias on Craigslist.  He lives in Guatemala, and I’ve been working with him regularly for over a month.  It’s going great!  My Spanish is improving (it had no where to go but up), and I’m becoming more conversational.  He speaks sufficient English to answer my questions, but most of our conversation is in Spanish.  He also sends me worksheets, verb conjugations, and phrases to practice at home and use during the lessons.  Osberto is always on time, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and patient.  If you’re looking to improve your Spanish, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Osberto.  – Matt M, New Orleans